A Dog Behaviourist's Diary, by Denise McLeod

This is a book that will make you laugh, make you cry and make you think in a way you have never done before. It explores both the canine “condition” and the human “condition” too, as many ‘dog problems’ are in fact ‘people problems’ but with more legs.

Based on real life personal experiences of dogs that have come through our behaviour clinics or classes, it is a brutally honest and completely open expulsion of experience and knowledge expressed with great humour, insight and raw emotion.

With tales of hilarity, happiness and success through to depression, grief, suicide and death, it brings to the reader a sense of perspective and compassion for others.

Born of experience based on a lifetime of work with animals and close involvement with over 10.000 puppies and dogs, around 15,000 people, the breadth of experience is plain to see.

The primary purpose of the book is entertainment that educates. Written in plain English, with easy to understand analogies, it is simple and enjoyable to follow. No technical knowledge of dogs or humans is required, to enjoy and learn from it.

Covering some of the most dangerous and worrying of behaviours, like dogs that bite people, dogs that aggress towards others, dogs that chase and kill things, puppy farms and many more. The range of this book provides something for everybody. It also covers the most common behaviour problems of all. There are some simple and effective solutions for some of the most challenging of behaviours, and it gives information on how to use or when to not use, our own technique for solving dog to dog reactivity, simply, effectively, kindly and almost instantly.

As well as real case histories, their problems and solutions, this book includes some hilarious and terrifying moments, from my own history as a dog owner. Encounters which may delight you or make you cringe along with me, as I share the stories and events that surrounded the major learning points, turning points or moments of clarity. How I came to think and feel the way I do about my dogs, other dogs and other people.

What could be better, puppies, dogs, people, laughter, success, heartache, real life quandaries, passion and finally, true love that conquers all. Literally.

"Well....what a fantastic read !! I loved it and want to read more but I've finished the book. It's beautifully written and grips you into it so you feel like you're in the background watching it all unfold in front of you. You can really feel the love and understanding you have of dogs with the passion and emotion to which you have written the book. Superb I do hope there's more to follow Denise well and truly loved it xx", Louise Spencer-Hicklin

"i was really looking forward to reading this book and brought it with me on an overnight stay in the Lake District. What I didn't know was that I wouldn't be able to put the book down...and so some hours later I had managed to read the whole book. It's completely riveting and Denise pours her heart out in her book. Her devotion to her own dogs and to other people's animals is evident and at times I was choked with emotion..especially when feeling the pain and heartbreak she has experienced through her many sad losses. This book gives an honest view of Denise's experiences as a dog owner and behaviourist...with a good sense of humour! Thankyou for sharing the hard times you have been through as this will encourage others who feel broken, and I am thankful too that you have found such happiness in your life through those close to you. Well done Denise you have excelled yourself xxx", Karen Dobney

"How do you review a book that is such a fabulous read. This author has managed to capture every emotion possible based on her life as a dog trainer. Her depth of feeling and care for her work shines through in every chapter. You will laugh with her, cry with her but above all you will really love this brilliant book dog owner or not", Chris Warner

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