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Privacy Policy
From the 25th of May 2018 the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) comes into effect, governing how your information is stored and used. This is designed to protect your identity and give you greater control over who knows what about you. Please see the below information for how CaDeLac collects, uses and stores information received via this website and through our booking forms in compliance with GDPR.
Cookies are small data files downloaded to your device in order to help the website function correctly. This can be information such as the website name and a unique identification number. Some of these cookies are for security purposes (to prevent websites from being hacked for example). Some are only stored for a single browsing session and some are stored for longer. Please note that cookies do not store information such as name, address etc, they store this information as an alpha numeric code only (e.g. abcde12345)

Website Contact Form
If you use the website's contact form to get in touch with us we will receive certain personal information from you, such as your name and email address. This information is needed in order for us to respond to you.

The information collected this way is used solely to respond to your enquiry. We do not pass this information onto any other third party or persons. Your information is not sold or shared with others. If this initial contact leads to a working contract between us then the email is stored securely as part of our working agreement, and if not the email is deleted within less than 2 years.

You have the choice to opt in to receiving newsletters, notifications of upcoming events and special offers. To do so you need to subscribe, see subscription box above. These will not be sent automatically without your permission.


Information obtained via booking forms 

If you book a consultation, event or onto one of our classes we may ask for further details about you and your dog, ie address, special needs, dog's name, age, breed and any behaviour problems. This information is used to identify how to offer you the best service possible and also to be able to contact you in an emergency, eg class closures due to weather conditions. This information (ie booking forms) will be either stored in a file in my office, which is based at my home address, or in folder on my office laptop if you sent it back via email. Details are also stored electronically on a Outlook spreadsheet (a secure online storage service). Once our working agreement is discontinued your details will be retained for less than 2 years, after which time they will be deleted.


How your information is disposed of

Deletion will be in the form of incineration of any paper copies of your information. Electronic information will be deleted and emptied from trash bin.

Right to see information held about you and right to be forgotten
In compliance with the new GDPR regulations you have a right to request at any time to see what information is being held about you. As noted in the above paragraphs the information we store is very limited, and any personal information will only be collected from you contacting me. The website does not collect personal information or online identifiers other than the cookies listed above. If you do wish to see what information is held about you please contact us at

You also have the "right to be forgotten"

That is to have any information stored about you deleted. As noted any personal information collected via contact forms is stored for a maximum of 2 years unless your enquiry leads to you booking a service with us, in which case details will be stored for the length of our working relationship then for an additional 2 years. If you wish to have any information stored about you deleted before this 2 year period please do get in contact.

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