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Dog and puppy training classes

CaDeLac offers training and socialisation classes for all dogs and puppies at the following venues:

Canine Academy, Tollerton, Nottingham - Tel Denise on 01530 222 426

Fun Agility, Ruddington - Tel Sue on 07742493559

What will we learn in the classes?

The basic controls of sit, down, stand, wait, heel, recall, leave, retrieve, handling techniques and basic manners.

An understanding of dog behaviour, canine communication and body language.

How to have “fun” with your dog.

Simple techniques to enjoy your dog more at home and keep your home safe from “bored dogs”.

More advance and adventurous  training for those wishing to continue training long term.

All classes include question and answer sessions.

Experienced trainers and a fun atmosphere

All CaDeLac instructors have significant dog training, behaviour and ownership experience, with a wide variety of breeds.


CaDeLac’s methods are always kept up to date and we regularly attend training courses with other top trainers and behaviourists from the UK or around the world. Between us we have experience of obedience, agility, sheep dog training, clicker training, heelwork to music, people and dog aggression, police dogs, gun dogs, sniffer dogs, nutrition, veterinary advice etc, etc…


Denise comments: “Between us, I believe we have an unprecedented variety of experience and knowledge. All of us are committed to canine welfare, modern training techniques and continuous improvements to our own knowledge base. Together, I like to think we are one happy family and are always looking to provide the very best dog training experience on offer, in the UK.”


CaDeLac uses modern lure, reward and clicker based techniques to develop the relationship between dog and handler and to train the dog.


Denise adds: “Fun is an essential element in our dog training and we like to see happy wagging tails coming towards our door, not depressed or oppressed dogs”

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At CaDeLac, you will receive a warm welcome from the team; Denise, Annie, Sue, Katie, Dawn, Becky and Joanne.  All of these people are friendly, committed and have many years of dog and puppy owning and training experience in single and multiple dog households.

Denise: "I am enormously proud of Team CaDeLac. Everyone is so friendly, we enjoy what we do and are all utterly committed to CaDeLac's Dog training ‘mission’, which is very simple….."


                                                                  ‘To keep dogs in happy, well educated, lifelong homes’

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