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Educational Talks

Denise holds talks to larger audiences throughout the year on common behavioural issues.


These regular talks are held at the Canine Academy venue in Tollerton, Notts. Click here for directions.


I learnt more in one night than in

25 years of dog ownership.

Brilliant. Thankyou

- It's all just so obvious once it's pointed out!


- Absolutely brilliant!


- The best night out I've had in years…


- I've followed the advice from Friday and my dog is transformed, in just a few days  thank you so much.


- Anyone who can keep my interest for 2.5 hours talking about dogs, is a great  presenter indeed. I enjoyed every minute.

Building rapport with your dog...
Educational talk: "It's a Dogs Life"

There are a few very common training and behavioural issues which occur in untrained dogs, time and time again. Problems like toileting in the house, being a "nightmare" on a lead, running off, unwanted barking, destructiveness or ‘aggressive’ behaviour. These problems are the main reasons why people fail to fully enjoy dog ownership and why so many dogs are re-homed or even destroyed. .


This educational evening is aimed directly at teaching owners how to prevent  these problems. Simple, fun, practical ways of building a great relationship, entertaining a bored dog, and training the dog to behave in a enjoyable, socially acceptable, happy way.


The talk runs from 7:00pm until 9:30pm and will be held on the following Friday nights:

   2018 Dates


         Friday 5th January

         Friday 16th February

     Friday 18th May

    More 2018 dates to be announced shortly

Contact us on 01530 222426 to book a place.


DVD from latest talk now available here.

Click on video below for excerpt from the DVD

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