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About Us

Denise Mcleod owner and founder of CaDeLac Dog training has been training dogs professionally since 1992.  Dog training became her full time career obsession, in January 2001 when CaDeLac became her full time profession.

CaDeLacs methods are modern, kind, positive, reward based and work on building a great relationship and understanding between dog and owner, using fun and education.

Denise Mcleod - “My Passion”


"Dog training and behaviour has always been my passion" states Denise, "I love to see the amazing changes in a dog/owner relationship that a bit of understanding can bring.  Simple things can bring about massive changes and I love to see peoples faces when the penny drops".  


Denise has been training dogs since a child, resoling her first reactivity case at the age of 10. Later she had considerable success with 2 dogs on the Agility Competition circuit and began to teach others in 1992.

In January 2001 she quit her long term career to go into dog training full time and CaDeLac dog training and behaviour was born. This was soon followed by the release of her first DVD 'It's a dog's Life' which sells wordwide. 

In September 2016, Denise released her first book, the book which changed the world of dog training forever, 'A Dog Behaviourist's Diary' and within it, her own technique for resolving reactivity and fear in dogs, Turn and Face. The book and technique where hugely successful and catapulted Denise onto the world wide stage. She is now widely  acknowledged as one of the worlds most experienced trainers and her technique, Turn and Face acknowledged as one of the most effective solutions to reactivity on lead and Fear in dogs, 

In 2018, she launched the Turn and Face instructors training scheme worldwide and released her Second DVD 'Reactive Dog', a tutorial for dog owners and trainers alike. 

Following the success of her first book, In September 2019 Denise released her second book, 'All Six Legs', which is set to further raise her profile. 

She recalls, “People have always come to me for help with their animals and obedience and behaviour problems have always fascinated me'


CaDeLac is named after her two first dogs Cassie and Lace, who were both rescue dogs with major 'problems', providing the reason for Denise to invest even more of her time, studying dog behaviour.

Denise has competed successfully with multiple dogs in obedience, agility and sheep dog trials and she teaches. obedience at all levels, specialising in Reactivity and aggression and is now acknowledged as one of the worlds leading trainer/behaviour experts.

Passing on the wisdom...
Denise with her dogs, Connor, Karma and Cherry
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