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Class timetable

Our regular dog training classes are held at Canine Academy Tollerton, Nottingham.


All classes use gentle, motivational, reward based training methods and include help and advice for all puppy and dog problems.


We now have a second outdoor venue at Parkland Stables for agility and other outdoor events, which lies just outside of Ruddington, Notts.  


Home visits for behavioural problems or private training are available in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire (my home county).

CaDeLac of CaDeLac Dog Training
Stables, Ruddington, Nottingham.

Puppy and pet obedience training and socialization classes by behaviourist and trainer Denise Mcleod and Team



Agility Classes are run by Denise Mcleod and Isabel Rowland and are held at our outdoor venue, Parkland



Classes are tailored to suit age groups and experience level as the needs of both dog and dog owner change as a

dog grows from puppy, through adolescence and into adulthood.

Cadelac run classes for both beginner puppies and adult dogs, through to advanced obedience, trick training and scent work to name a few. 


Classes run every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm and 7:00pm

Please contact us for course start dates.

For Behavioural appointments and 1:1 with Denise please email



Dog Agility (over 12 months)

Beginner level dog agility classes - Sunday at 10am

Advanced level classes - Sunday at 11am

Location: Parkland Stables, Ruddington, Notts.

Tel Sue: 07742493559

What to bring to class

Titbits. The better quality titbits, the easier it is to train your dog. Chicken, cheese, liver, sausage, diced into very small pieces is recommended. Do not worry, using human food to train your dog will not encourage your dog to beg for human food. Do not feed your dog before class.


Dress. Wear comfortable trousers (not a skirt) as we do spend time on the floor with our dogs. Trainers or similar are best suited to our floor surface.


For your dog. A good strong collar and long lead are advised for dog training. No flexi-leads or choke chains please. The law states that your dog should wear its details engraved on the collar or a tag attached to it. Also please bring a bag for accidents, a toy your dog likes and your vaccination certificate.


General rules for training

Remember, training should be fun. Don't train your dog when you are tired or grumpy. Little and often is the secret of successful training, keep your sessions short and sweet. Don't be afraid to ask questions during class. Take your dog for a short walk before class to allow him or her to run off any exuberance, but do not tire your dog out completely.

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