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Denise has published many articles on dog behaviour.


See below for those currently available.

Articles by Denise Mcleod

All puppies chew and or bite things, socks, trouser legs, your washing on the line, hands, table legs, carpets, childrens toes, carpets, floor tiles, the TV remote, each other, other dogs, toys, their bowls, your best slippers, your sons ipod, your husbands favourite model aircraft magazine. Etc. etc. Some are more persistent than others, but all puppies can be directed to appropriate eating, chew, tug or play items, with a bit of understanding, encouragement and training...

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1. Choosing a healthy puppy







2. Preventing and stopping puppy biting, mouthing and inappropriate chewing








3. The Death of Pack Structure







4. Clicker training






5. Understanding and preventing food guarding








6. Top tips


From the thousands of dogs that have come through CaDeLac Dog Training agility and obedience classes over the years, it has become obvious to us that an increasing number of dogs and some breeds in particular, have become more and more unhealthy...

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Now before you switch off because you don’t believe in pack structure, theory, previous explanations, or experiences, or indeed you are totally pro pack structure thinking and don’t want to hear anything said against it, before you decide in advance what your view is, I implore you, please read this...

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Clicker training is a possibly the most modern and pro active method of training a dog. It is incredibly powerful and can convert even the most reluctant canine student into an ardent learner...

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Dogs possess a basic inborn instinct to protect their food. It is a survival instinct. All mammals have this instinct to some degree or other.

The instinct to protect their food within the domestic environment may be latent in some dogs, but it is there. It could surface at any time, if the dog feels the need to defend its survival resource...

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Number 1

Sit down, drink tea, relax and watch your dog. You're training him how to behave at the same time…………

Most of what I have learned about dogs, has been learned through OBSERVATION...    

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