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Dog Law

Essential reading for all dog owners in an easy to understand format. Thanks to Allie for providing this site.


Dogs and Livestock

Legal requirements relating to dogs and livestock are complex and are not currently covered by the above website. The document below is very useful. A farmer has the right to shoot your dog if he considers it be worrying, harming or about to harm or worry his sheep. My advice therefore would be, keep your dog on a lead whenever you are around farm animals or livestock.



Excellent hydrotherapy centre based in Lichfield


What you feed your dog is probably the single biggest factor in determining it s health, longevity and you vet bills! Check out the quality of your dog food here.

CaDeLac only recommends services and products it has actually used or is still using.

After extensive product research Denise and most of the CaDeLac team, currently feed Orijen, BARF and/or a mixture of both. Though we have or still would feed all of the foods below. 


BARF (Bones and Raw Food)

Many of the top trainers and behaviourists are now feeding BARF, or part BARF diets. There are many advantages to feeding BARF, there are also some serious disadvantages. Before you decide if BARF is for you research it thoroughly. Excellent site!

Raw Food Supplier

Excellent supplier of raw foods


Puppy Farming

Make sure you research the background of your puppy - Please don't encourage puppy farming


If you like reading this is a great site for book reviews

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